Roof Repair Service in Harkers Island NC – Ad’s Metal Roofing

A-D’s Metal Roofing is a trustable and reliable roof repair NC company committed to delivering great quality roofing installation on residential, commercial buildings and roof repair in Harkers Island NC as well as Carteret County and surrounding counties.
We have an experienced team who will listen to all of your roofing needs, suggest the best plan as per your requirement and take care of the problem promptly and professionally, at a price that fits your budget and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.
Along with other services, A-D’s Metal Roofing provides free onsite evaluations and free roof inspection to estimate your roof life prospect and guide you in the right direction to either a full roof replacement or roof repair.A-D’s Metal Roofing is dedicated to performing roofing installation and roofing repairs with pride and reliance with our craftsman certified roofers with over 15 years of experience.