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Residential Roof Replacement in NC

Everything has an expiration, thus, your house roof also has an expiration. Roof the most integral part of your home which protects you from lots of elements such as storms, rain, snow, hailstone, sun, etc. When its time, you have to take care of it as well. Ad’s Metal Roofing Co. is here to help you with all residential roof replacement business in North Carolina.

Our roofing specialists offer more than just roof repair; we are also equipped to handle full roof replacement, animal damage, chimney and masonry repair, skylight replacement, installation, eaves trough and downspouts, shingle repair, flat roof repair, attic ventilation and more! 

We have a great skilled team to install, repair, or replace all your roofing needs, and get the job done as per the requirement.  Call us at 252-269-7556 today for FREE ESTIMATION!!