Metal Roofing NC

Metal Roofing Service in NC

The metal roof is quite popular these days as it is sustainable, easy to maintain, eco-friendly, fire resistance, great value, etc. Also one gets to choose from a wide range of styles and colors. You can as well boost your house value with metal roofing.

AD’s Metal Roofing offers a wide range of metal roofing panels that have been tested to the highest rating for wind uplift, fire, and impact resistance. Metal roofing products offer a 40-year manufacturer’s warranty available on 29GA, 26GA, and 24GA available on standing seam roofing panel, master-rib roofing panel, 5v roofing panel, Commercial PBR roofing panel, and 20 energy star-certified paint colors to choose from. Although choosing a color may seem to be an easy task, making the right decision isn’t always easy. We believe great appearance can be reached with great tools, so we provide you with proof of each profile on our metal roof line to help you make the right decision for your home. Ad’s Metal Roofing Co is the ideal solution if you are looking for installing metal roofing, repair services, or any other residential and commercial roofing problem.


Aluminum Roofing

  • .032 Aluminum roofing panel delivers unique and outstanding durability.
  • The aluminum roof panel offers a 30 manufacturer warranty with Kynar 500 paint.
  • Aluminum roof panels are available in 16 energy star certified paint colors, aluminum roof panels are also available as a flat panel or striated panel to reduce oil canning.
  • Aluminum roofs are properly installed with fasteners made out of stainless steel such as nails, screws, clips, and pop rivets to assured resistance against its daily salt spray.